Crap Design

Now that the olympics are over we’re free to trash talk the logo without being ‘unpatriotic’. Its my opinion the 2012 London Olympic logo was a poor design choice. Unless your a well established company like Nike or Facebook (who have enormous advertising) a logo almost always needs to be easily interpreted to be successful. The random, different shapes, and bright colors do catch the eye, but it is difficult to actually ‘read’ the numbers as 2012. It was made even worse when the logo was shown on TV because it often was near other designs from the station or sponsors that would stand out more. Sure, its unique and creative, but less is often more. Especially if the design is to be seen by such is large and cross cultural audience. Something simpler and legible would probably have been more powerful and communicated better. Its ok, they’ll get another chance in four years.


One thought on “Crap Design

  1. Wow, I agree, not the strongest logo that the Olympics has used. The different elements in the image really make it hard to focus on one aspect of the design. The rings, which should probably be the most important part of the design, seem to be battling for attention with the large blue and white areas. Design did not necessarily follow function here, good observation!

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