Sandwich Movie

A couple screen grabs from the Sandwich Video. Its really a slideshow, but by playing the pics back at 30 frames per second their is the illusion that its moving. Making the video was kinda fun, but the perfectionist in me still isnt quite happy with the way it turned out just yet. Their is suposto be elements of design somewhere in there but didnt really work out. On a personal note… it was a kick ass sandwich.




2 thoughts on “Sandwich Movie

  1. Alex you did a great job on your slideshow! I really thought the title slides really help bring together a story. After seeing your project, I do see several principles and elements of design- what I think is most successful, is that they are seamless. Everything happens so quickly, so it isn’t what people pay most attention to, but I know its there, because even with how fast the slideshow is, it’s still organized so that we now what’s going on. Such a creative idea, I look forward to seeing more projects. I would love to upload some of the alternate versions for student work for future semesters.

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